"I've spent my entire career learning the insider secrets to getting placements.  And above all, image is everything.  My mission is to help people fearlessly bring out their true alter ego and spare them spending good money after bad money. I want to give back by sharing my secrets and watching my clients thrive with success!" - Piper Harlow

Piper Harlow

Founder & CEO

- Actress
- Animal Advocate 
- Public Relations Expert 
- TV Personality 
- Coach to the Stars
- Image Consultant

Piper Harlow is a publicist, entrepreneur, certified life coach, speaker and author who trains and helps people create effective campaigns, break through the journalistic black hole, and even speaks about her own journey overcoming anxiety and PTSD associated with 9/11. She is an industry expert in public relations, a business efficiency optimizer and is an image consultant for brands, corporations and individuals.


Piper is best known for her ability to connect people and help them fulfill their dreams while bringing out their fearless alter ego. Her client roster includes best selling authors, celebrities, beauty products, filmmakers, non-profit organizations at the U.N., animal rights and the LGBTQ+ community.

Aidan Park

Verified Social Media Expert

- Actor
- Comedian 
- Social Media Guru
- TV & Radio Personality 

Aidan is an internationally headlining stand up comedian, social media influencer, producer, actor, author and certified life coach based in Los Angeles. He has starred in over 30 theatrical productions with theatre companies including American Conservatory Theatre, American Musical Theatre, McCoy Rigby Productions, San Francisco Shakespeare and Berkeley Rep Theatre. He has booked over 30 Commercial and TV/Movies including Diet Coke, and Virgin Airlines,  Casual (Hulu), Kingdom (Hulu), Conan (NBC) Atom TV (Comedy Central).


Aidan is also a paid regular at some of the biggest comedy clubs in the world including the Hollywood Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv and Flappers comedy club, also producing LGBT Comedy shows called “Rainbow Pop” for both the Hollywood and Long Beach Laugh Factories! Aidan regularly performs alongside some of the biggest names in comedy including Whitney Cummings, Dane Cook, Margaret Cho and Damon Wayans to name a few! He forged ahead as the “Comic with good advice” and now writes a bi-weekly column for “Pride LA” magazine, has a podcast called the “What to do show” with in Co-Production with Laugh Factory in which he helps people with life problems. His book, "The Art of Being Gay", with a forward by Margaret Cho, is being released in 2020.


On social media, Aidan is verified on all 3 platforms with a combined following of 80k. Aidan believes that the social media creator must first identify what they are excited about sharing with others in order to create an authentic message that will resonate with the public. Aidan will work with you to identify where your true joys lie and come up with a plan for you to express your authentic self to the social media world in a way that will be true and beneficial to your end goal! The goals for each client's social media consulting sessions will be 1) Getting in touch with their unique and personal message they will be excited about sharing and 2) Creating a roadmap to keep the content sharing executable.

"In this day and age you must have a strong unique message that you are genuinely excited about sharing in order to create an impact on social media and build a following. I am passionate about helping my clients discover who they really are and allowing that voice to come through by demystifying the social media jungle"  -Aidan Park 

Joanne Au

Creative Director

With a degree in Stage Management and Ecology from NYU, Joanne has worked with major repertoires such as the New York Philharmonic, production companies including VH1 and the Red Bull Music Festival .  She is stellar in her organization and time management skills, keeping productions moving on time.  She spearheads all social media collaborations, event planning, photoshoots, video shoots and live productions. 


Born in Hong Kong and growing up in Shanghai and Beijing, she is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. 


As a child she studied voice in a performing arts academy in Hong Kong from age 6 and toured in Brazil and South Africa at just 11 years old singing for thousands of people in cathedrals and major theaters including the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. An avid ballet dancer, she can always be found taking pointe classes in the city or dancing around the office.  


In 2007 Joanne was recognized in the Guinness World Record’s as a participant in the “Largest Drum Ensemble” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. 


Durning her recent college break, she interned at the Shanghai Canxing Cultural and Broadcast Company.


Joanne and Piper met as foster fails with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and continue to their love for animal welfare through adoption events and social media. As a hobby, Joanne photographs animals in shelters and rescue groups for adoption.

“All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your teammates.” - Joanne Au

Jen Tuma

Literary Consultant 

Dubbed one of “America’s Ultimate Experts” by Woman’s World Magazine, and one of the “World’s Creative Spiritual Revolutionary Leaders” by Soul Art TV, Life Coach Jenn Tuma-Young is a sought-after speaker and media guest appearing on nationally syndicated TV shows such as Rachael Ray, The 700 Club, and Better, and on news affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. She has written several books, and her tips can be found on the web at Forbes, Anderson BELLA Magazine, Maria Shriver, The Huffington Post, or on her “Inspired Girl” blog.

Jenn believes everyone has a story to share and a book inside of them. She loves helping others to navigate the publishing world. After receiving dozens of rejections, and spending years trying to figure out how to get her first book on the shelves, she landed a multiple six-figure book deal with a top tier traditional publisher. She also has self published and indie published, and knows first hand the struggles aspiring authors face. Pairing her hard earned insider industry knowledge with over fifteen years of coaching people to achieve their goals, Jenn created a 6-Month Author Intensive program.

"I believe books are life, words can heal and your story matters. My passion is working with authors who have a message the world needs to hear.” - Jen Tuma

Christina Vergaraa

Makeup Expert

- Cosmetology Expert
- NY & NJ

Christina Vergara, NJ/NYC based freelance makeup artist. Ever since a young age she's had a growing passion for makeup and the beauty industry.




  • Mac Cosmetics Perm Artist: 4 + years

  • Refinery 29 

  • Macys.com Catalogue 

  • Citi Bank Campaign shoot

  • Elle Magazine

  • Glamour Magazine 

  • IMTA event past 3+ years Key Artist

  •  Century 21 comericals & online catalogue

Her expertise and experience encompasses site bridal and special events as well as photoshoots, campaign shoots, commercials, headshots and editorial makeup.

"Making someone feel beautiful is rewarding and I am forever grateful for clients and future clients who trust me with my services" - Christina Vergaraa



New York
Los Angeles
Hong Kong




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